Science + Judgment + Experience = Success

The Marketing War

The marketing war has two fronts.  One is the external front which is the one most people consider.  The other is the internal front…..your staff.  We believe any external effort should be “owned” by the staff so what goes on inside is consistent with the message being delivered outside.   To fail to achieve this strong tandem…and the synergy it yields… ultimately results in wasted marketing dollars due to poor word of mouth advertising.

The Gun:  The advertising budget is the “gun”.

The Bullets:  The actual advertising messages which run are the “bullets” in the gun.  Our job is to create the best possible bullets and aim your gun properly to ensure the bullets hit the target market.

In order to create the best bullets and properly aim the gun, we ask a series of questions up front.

1.) What are the two to four features your potential customer cares about most? (Price?  Service?  Experience?  Convenience? Etc.)  2.) Of these “hot buttons”, where do you have a competitive advantage? (Unique selling point?  Obvious strength?) 3.)  Is there any seasonal flow to your business? (For purposes of maximizing your gun…..why fire bullets when the target is absent?)  The answers to these questions form the foundation of the creative branding message as well as the ebb and flow of the marketing message.

A Question To Consider

Is a 10% cost to you worth what you gain?  (A hybrid of that question:  Would the return on your marketing dollars not be at least 10% higher if full time experienced professionals were handling that function?) That is, a full time professional marketing firm taking media representatives out of your offices, establishing powerful and consistent branding messages, watching every dollar spent with knowledgeable eyes,  and charting a course that makes near term, intermediate, and long term sense in your competitive environment.

A No Obligation Consultation

We are willing to meet with you, establish a recommended plan with creative elements, and submit this for your consideration.   If you like it we can tweak it and become a business partner with you.  If not, we’ve had fun thinking strategically and creatively and we’ve met some nice people along the way.  Either way, we win!  We hope we can get together and explore the possibilities together.