We get asked this question fairly often. We want to give two answers; one short… the other with a little more explanation to back up the short answer.

In short, analyzing and placing media is what we do all day every day.  We negotiate the best rates and work to include free “value-added” features with every insertion order.  We employ a full time media planner who utilizes the latest software designed to specifically analyze ratings data.  We comingle this data with years of experience and knowledge of the local markets, all finally sifted through a filter of educated common sense.  This results in the best possible balance of reach and frequency for the best return on your advertising investment.

Expanding on this:

Reason #1:  We purchase survey data (ComScore and Nielsen) data for television and crunch our own numbers in-house.

By doing so, we are not swayed by creative massaging of ratings data that stations use to put the best light on their programming.   Packages offered are often like “packaged” watermelon in the grocery store…..the products about to expire are “packaged” to move quickly.  The result is pretty mediocre watermelon. Station packages sometimes include a few good spots that “carry” the mediocre ones.   The outcome is an average return from average audience levels.   Our experience helps us determine the good from the bad to protect you from getting a poor taste in your mouth.

Reason #2

After a TV flight runs we analyze every single spot for accuracy in scheduling.

This function ensures all spots ran as scheduled and secures refunds for any spots that ran outside stated time parameters or ran in any way other than ordered.

Reason #3

We take sales reps out of your office and screen out all but the best information.

You have enough to do to run your businesses without taking time to see the seemingly endless stream of media reps.  They’re just doing their job, of course, but they keep you from doing yours.   These interruptions become a thing of the past since all sales calls can simply be referred to us. We screen out the bad offerings and present only the viable ones based on our experience and your stated goals.

Reason #4

We are planners. We make a plan and we work that plan.

Business owners have plans, too, but they are business plans….not advertising plans.   Both are important, but the advertising component takes a back seat in most cases.  We put your advertising in the front seat to ride effectively alongside your business plan.

Concluding Question:  Do you think the return on your investment using Monroe Marketing would bring at least a 15% increase in the effectiveness of your advertising?  Most TV is run on gross rates which means you pay the same as we do.   When we work for commission only, which we do in most cases, the net result is you get free expertise.

Bottom Line Question:  Can we get together and explore the possibilities of working together?